Structured and unstructured data

CriticMania enables your customers to send your managers texts about their experience. Our intelligent tools also enable companies to dig deeper into the customer experience by collecting structured data using our CMS (CriticMania Survey) tool.


Not everything should be public.

Listening and engaging your customers should be your business. Don't find out what you are doing wrong online from strangers. Listen to your real customers.


Gauge your performance.

With CriticMania, you will intercept negative online reviews before they happen. You will get a chance to set the record straight before your customers leave the store. It has never been this easy to listen and reply to your customers every texted thought.

How it works?

1. Get CriticMania

You'll receive a CriticMania SMS number by signing up. Your number should be posted on signs throughout your store. Customers send their messages to your business to your CriticMania number which is then forwarded to your dashboard.

2. Put up signs

Receive customer messages as a text message or email on your dashboard. Customers remain anonymous and ensure an honest platform they can trust.

3. Review & respond to messages

Reply right away through your dashboard or app. When you receive raving feedback, simply press the share button and blast it out to all of your social media followers.

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Satisfied Customers

  • Capgemeni-IBM Concierge
  • Van Metre
  • Nova Medical Group
  • Long & Foster Feal Estate, Inc.
  • Long and Fosters
  • King Pinz

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